Pork Chops, German Style; done with the cold — 5 Comments

  1. Katie,
    Reminds me of when we used to live in West Africa. We (the expats)lived in brick houses with A/C running 24/7. The Africans lived in mud huts with 2 foot thick walls and no A/C. Their houses were cool during the day because the heat took so long to penetrate, as you know. We were fine as long as there was power, and suffered when the power went out, which was frequently. I envied those folks living in their mud huts. 🙂

  2. Stinkin hot here in South Australia. It is 37 C and it is 2230. Fans working overtime. No aircon this way – we only have about 4 days of real summer every year 🙂

  3. This meal screams, “Eat me and then go sit on the couch for an hour!!!” 🙂 –

  4. Brassfrog, I open the front door in the morning to let the warm sunshine in… then close it in the afternoon and light a fire LOL
    manningroad, I can’t even imagine…..
    Gail, sounds like you are having a hot spell – to offset our cold spell of 2 weeks ago.
    Tv Food, or maybe 2 with a nap….