Stuffed Mushrooms; Football anyone? — 10 Comments

  1. Here in California, it’s all about guacamole and chips. I sometimes watch but, believe it or not, many people watch, not for the football but to see the ads! I gather new ads, which are considered more clever than the usual, are previewed at the Super Bowl. I just shake my head – I can’t imagine actually trying to see ads.

  2. I guess there’s a game on Sunday. And I hear there are good commercials! I’ll happily show up at your home and have what you’re having.

  3. I think the snacks you posted would be fantastic anytime! I got hungry just looking at the photos. Do you fly out for catering business?
    Now about that Super Bow: unless a fanatic, it’s just best to avoid the whole thing, and here in my part of the US Southwest, it’s also best not to be on the roads due the high percentage of imbibing drivers. The game takes three days because of all the commercials and the glacial pace of an American gridiron game.
    I watch the German BundesLiga early on Saturday morning here. It’s how I justify a Frühschoppe, an ‘early glass,’ to ma femme. I wish the Germans played football every day, ahem.
    I also heard that the US military’s 101st Division (of D-Day fame) is getting Monday off so the GIs can watch the game and, ermm, recover, I guess. I expect their ‘early glasses’ will be Bloody Marys and Pepto-Bismol.

  4. Hmm maybe I’d be better off living in France then because I have no intention on watching the game. but I could definitely use some of this good food!

  5. Hi we get the game at lunchtime onwards here in New Zealand. It happened to fall on our National Day, so we watched it. We have an American friend staying. Our feed on ESPN came from Australia so we didn’t get the ads. Just umpteen promos. Boring.
    Your stuffed mushrooms look really tasty Katie

  6. Tanna, YAY! a party – let’s invite some hot Babes
    Zoomie, one of my cousin’s kids always watched the ads and ignored the cartoons…. I’d just as soon ignore the whole thing (and did) But the guacamole sounds good….
    Claudia, it’s a deal! Conversation is better than football!
    Dan, well – you could watch the Italian league and the French and UK and Spanish….. There should be a game most days during the season – which is almost all year. Nice that you’re so in to the spirit of it all.
    Peggy, or any day – or every day…. Thanks 😉
    Gilli, it used to be at lunchtime in the US – and we used to watch it then… But if you don’t even get the fun ads…..

  7. Wow – they all look great… but those frittatas and mushrooms! Sign me up. I don’t watch Super Bowls either but I can always keep track of them by listening for all the screaming heteros from the other balconies.