Teriyaki Meatballs on Noodles — 9 Comments

  1. have you tried pastas made from things other than wheat? maybe it’s the glutuen in the wheat pastas? just a thought…
    the dish looks YUMMY x2!

  2. Those meatballs look really good with vegetables and pasta.

  3. I am not such a party animal but I could become one for a teriyaki meatball – that list of ingredients would be a party on my taste buds !!

  4. Too bad about Ton Mari’s diabetes. It’s hard to find a replacement for pasta. That said, this one looks wonderful. Thanks for being such a super PPNer over the years.

  5. Gayle, he does fine with bread so I’m not sure that would help… but it’s worth a try, thanks for the idea.
    Christine, we love meatballs, too – all kinds!
    Marina, thanks!
    manningroad, it was a taste celebration LOL
    Baker Street – thanks…. we were happy
    Ruth, he had his pancreas removed – instant Type 1. Thanks for remembering me!