Turkey and Butternut Squash Skillet Dinner; the news — 9 Comments

  1. The antics of these two puppies are fun to read and a timely reminder that I really, really don’t want to raise any more puppies! They _always_ figure out how to get out when you can’t fix the fence, or decide to chase bunnies at inopportune moments. It’s what puppies do. 🙂

  2. Marina, we still have 4 in the cave…. there could be more LOL
    Emily, not funny to me…. but I could deal with the snow if it wasn’t so cold! Ah, winter…
    Zoomie, they are really acting up – I think it’s the snow LOL. Will they magically become well-behaved dogs on their first birthday? Please?
    manningroad, because Guapa is slightly better behaved than Bonnie – she usually listens to me. I couldn’t possible take them together, they’d be gone in an instant – one leading the other to infinity. Bonnie gets to go the next time…. but on a leash LOL

  3. You make being snowed in sound so romantic. LOL. But seriously, I hope the snowy conditions end soon for you and that the doggies learn to behave. You can never have too much butternut squash..

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  5. Penny, not romantic…. cold. But it’s over now, snow gone, green grass is back!
    Nuria, I am definitely not bored with these two! It will be nice when the get out of puppyhood!