Turkey Cutlets with Mustard Crust; my week – the end — 11 Comments

  1. Oh my, oh my. It seems it all starts with those “babies” of yours. Keep the spirits up. I wish I was coming to France. I’d load up on Panko crumbs and everything else you’d like and drop it off.

  2. Goodness! Sounds like you need a farm hand like “Eb” from “Green Acres. I volunteer! I work for room and board, but there will be a lot of “board” involved with your excellent cooking!

  3. I hope your face is okay!
    I just recently read about Panko, too. Hmm, I wonder what it is? I just use old ground up baguettes for bread crumbs around here. I have been eating lots less meat. Unless it comes from the butcher, I don’t usually like it. But one thing the grocery store sells that I do like is turkey breasts. I’ll try your way of breading them…it seems more flavorful than my way.

  4. Time to get harnesses for the puppies and get them to pull the cart around – they clearly are plenty strong for that! I’m so sorry about your spill – my mother was pulled over by our old collie one time but she didn’t have the presence of mind to find a soft landing for her face. Her forehead and chin were a mess, as well as her hands and knees.
    Also hope ton mari is back to battery soon – it must be boring for him and frustrating for you.

  5. Susan, it always does… they are a handful, and then some. Panko is apparently all the rage in the US.
    Dan, come on over…. you can take over the puppies, too.
    Lydia, now that would be worthwhile….
    Meredith, face is fine…. hands still hurt. I have no idea what makes them so special (Panko) The hubs is a big meat eater…
    Zoomie, I was lucky. As in most falls, it happened very quickly… He’s doing fine, puppies have settled down again. I think they were acting up because he was gone.

  6. All those trips – hard yakka !!!! Could you not harness a dog to the barrow ???? You really did deserve a whole turkey – not just a cutlet !! We don’t get turkey cutlets here or even panko crumbs sadly!!!

  7. Hola guapa, long time no see!
    Reading your post is like seeing a 24 chapter… there’s so much action! ;D
    I could have those crusty turkey cutlets for dinner today, they look so delicious!

  8. manningroad, at least I got my exercise – no stationery bike that day!
    Claire, I’ve had better… but, I’ve had worse as well LOL
    Christine, always does…. Right?
    Nuria, nice to see you, too! Been awhile – I’ve been watching LOL