Upside Down Yorkshire Pizza Pie; the update — 6 Comments

  1. Good luck on your project! The pie is really good, and, i’m sure, very tasty!

  2. It looks a bit like a lasaña too :D. I bet it was delicious…
    Your house is like Sagrada Familia (a joke we say here, because it never gets finished) ;D
    Will you send invitations for the inauguration party?
    I’m planning a july holiday (15 days) traveling by car through France… what about a cup of coffee?

  3. Love this! Wow! I definitely must try something like this for dinner – we’d all love it! What a great idea and with the best flavors. A healthy, hearty, yummy dinner…

  4. Marina, thanks – on both counts… and it was 😉
    Tanna, pizza in any way is good…. Realized today that it’s 200 years of seed storage as well as sheet rock dust – that floor was barn….
    Nuria, I know the Sagrada Familia….. and yes, please come and see us. 15 days – how nice. We’re not far off the motorway…. Coffee…. lunch…. Would be lovely.
    Jamie, and easy…. like a clafoutis LOL
    Christine, thanks 😉