Corn Fritters with Balsamic Honey Reduction; the update — 13 Comments

  1. I love those fritters, thanks for sharing the recipes. I am making this reduction!!

  2. OK … I’m jealous! yes for sure. Of the stair, railings, floor and the balsamic reduction … all of the above.
    Aren’t you glad it was at least covered, you at least had a chance 😉
    That was pretty nice to come home to.

  3. Great progress on the stair well !! Corn fritters are a family favourite in this house – everyone loves them and I can never make enough of them !!

  4. Thanks for sharing this recipe.
    It looks really good and I’m excited to give it a try!
    Grandma Kat

  5. Wonderful progress to come home to. I know what it’s like for lack of a bookcase to have books in boxes; some of mine are still packed – for the past 20 years!
    Wow! Balsamic-honey reduction. I am soooo going to make this!

  6. Linda, thanks – I am!
    Marina, you’re welcome… the reduction is wonderful.
    Tanna, yes, it was wonderful to come home to. And now I can unpack my books.
    manningroad, the fritters were a first for me – but will be repeated!
    Gary, it really was!
    Ina, it was good… and only slightly decadent.
    Grandma Kat, I hope you like it…. it was easy (also good)
    Gilli, oh, we’re still a way from being finished… still the progress is wonderful.
    Christine, I’m going to spend the whole day unpacking and getting reacquainted with them LOL

  7. By the name, I had to pop in and see these! They look delicious. Sadly, I have never had corn fritters-but that does need to change. I am sure the fritters are great by themselves but no doubt the reduction really amps up the flavor.
    Also, your progress on the house is looking good.

  8. Jayne, he does very well! and the reductions is worth making….
    Tina, I’d never had them before either… But after finding the corn…