Mexican Chicken; the update

My books are unpacked!!!!!

It was exciting…

It also took forever.

Not the unpacking, so much as the organizing.

I had to track down all the odds and ends of books that had been dug out of various boxes or added to the library over the last 4 years.

Then I had to rearrange all of the other shelves where those books were – tucked above the cook books, stuffed behind the photo albums, that sort of thing.


It’s done.

Oh, just so you know…. these are the photo albums and paperbacks, with a few hardover novels and the language books thrown in.

We’re happy – mon mari with the shelves; me with the books on them.

We were also happy when I found frozen sweet corn.

Those of you who read my blog know that the French (and Spanish) think of all corn as pig food.

The only way I’ve seen sweet corn in the past is canned.

The only way I’ve seen it used anywhere in Europe is on pizza.

At the frozen food store I found frozen sweet corn.

The recipe, Mexican Chicken, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Chicken Thighs, Mexican-Style.

I wonder, if I shared some of my Peaches and Cream, bi-color sweet corn, with the French, would they change their opinion?

Well…. We’ll never know because I’m not sharing.

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8 thoughts on “Mexican Chicken; the update”

  1. Love your books. Now you need a chair, table and lamp to put in the corner..just in case you need to sit a while. I remember when we first gave our German friends sweet corn at our house for dinner. They were amazed we were giving them pig food. No need to finish this story….you know they loved it!!! We ate it several times that week before they left for home. Susan

  2. Oh dear, the bookshelves look so well done and organised! I miss having a library of books: moving from one continent to another really shrank our library to a few very favorite books. Lovely chicken, vibrant colors.

  3. OMG!
    You give us hope. We are cleaning out and donating/throwing out in preparation for moving away after 27 years here. Looking at how many books you have, I can just imagine how much you have been carting around Europe these past few years.
    We have it easy! 🙂

  4. So nice to see all your books unpacked and up on shelves! I love seeing books like that 🙂 Makes me excited even if they are not my own 🙂
    Mexican chicken…now there is something I will save for when I need something from the hubs (he loves anything Mexican) 😉

  5. Susan, I can’t even imagine giving it to them on the cob LOL I need the chair.
    Marina, we just keep hauling them with us…. I can’t give them up.
    brassfrog, and we got rid of lots and lots when we left the last house 4 years ago…. Good luck!
    Joey, it makes my very happy to see them all again… like having old friends back.
    Gary, that they are…. and I cherish every one.
    Christine, me too… ;-))

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