Polenta Fries — 13 Comments

  1. Yes, polenta fries. They are on this very long list … would it be so nice to be able to just cook and eat everything you wanted to …
    Your look and sound fabulous.
    They’ll always be puppies you know.

  2. Love fries of all kinds. These look really good and so do the stairs and hall. A very busy human while you were gone.

  3. I love two-step recipes, they work well with my schedule. I’m home in the mornings and can do the first part then. And when I get home late, I can finish them off. We’ll make these today sans chili powder…my girls would balk at that.

  4. They really are quite beautiful dogs, even when a little on the dirty side. Glad you are back and have time to worry about stuff like that.

  5. Christine, this was the first time I made them – and no, no dipping sauce…. but I don’t put anything on regular fries, either ;-))
    Pam, that’s an understatement LOL
    Dan, I need to spend about 5 hours brushing – each of them. We’re waiting to do it on the lawn in the sun….
    Tanna, wouldn’t it just! Especially the eating part. Yes, always pooppies, er, I mean, puppies
    Phoenicia, he did good ;-)). They were very tasty – could add lots of hot sauce for bit of heat ;-))
    Meredith, I like 2-step as well…. and they were so crunchy, got to be a hit with kids….
    Zoomie, yeah, just a bit on the dirty side. Then they leave it on the floor

  6. These sound delicious, I am going to try them with South African Mealie Meal, similar to Polenta. Thanks Diane

  7. Oh, these sound so delicious and something that I can make at home! And those puppies are really big now 🙂 They are cuter everyday.

  8. manningroad, thanks – on both counts.
    Diane, I’m not familiar with that – hope it works.
    Lannae, they were easy… Puppies say thank you. (I’m teaching them to be polite)

  9. Very interesting recipe and very creative for polenta. I’m anxious to try it…sounds like a nice compliment to salads and soups.