Puppies turn 1, pearls at my feet — 7 Comments

  1. My experience is that starting at 18 months, they show some adult dignity, and by two they’re as calm as they will get, until in their dotage. So you should start seeing some moments of adult behavior. They are so beautiful–you’re fortunate to have the space for them.

  2. Beautiful girls, no doubt about it. They will settle down, just not at one. Cora was still wild when we got her at about one year of age. Now, except for chasing cats and anything with wings, she’s mostly quiet except when the dog next door gets her romping. 🙂 She’s either four or five…

  3. Karen, I would love some moments of calm…. You give me hope!
    Angie, TWO?!?!? That’s another whole year! Sigh….
    Zoomie, Sedi was playful right up until she had her stroke. If they just stop destroying stuff I’ll be content! Like the hedge, and the gardens….
    Pam, they say ‘thanks’… ;-))
    manningroad, thanks… I had my doubts a few times LOL
    Lannae, I am, too… even the bad times are not so bad. And they ARE cuddly.