Puppies turn 1, pearls at my feet

They are no longer puppies.

They have graduated to full-fledged dogs.

Their behavior has not changed one bit.

I had such (albeit foolish) hopes that they would, somehow, magically, become calm and obedient when they turned one.


In honor of their birthday they got me a present.

Well, okay, they didn't… but they would have if they could have.

But I got a present anyway.

I, like I'm certain many other bloggers, get emails offering me 'whatever' if I post something for them.

Sometimes, If I like it I do it.

This is the first time anyone has tossed pearls at my feet.

I'm a sucker for pearls.

Especially Freshwater Pearls… And these are particularly lovely.

I'll post a photo of them when they arrive….

In the meantime, here's a retrospective of puppies first year.

They still are never very far apart.

When they first came to live with us they were just 3 months old.


At 5 months I got a photo of a rare moment: calm, clean puppies.


And a more common photo of puppy bellies.

At 7 months they were getting a bit big to play rough in the house.  Please note the devilish look in their eyes.

At 9 months they still hadn't slown down a bit.


11 months old and still trying to share a bed…. They'll need to if they don't quit chewing them up.


Getting Guapa to stand still for her official birthday photo was a challenge. She's always busy, chasing lizards, patrolling the borders.  This was a nano-second of her time before pouncing on a poor white butterfly.


Bonnie, on the other hand, is happy to pose whenever asked.

Happy Birthday Girls!

And thanks for the pressie……

7 thoughts on “Puppies turn 1, pearls at my feet”

  1. My experience is that starting at 18 months, they show some adult dignity, and by two they’re as calm as they will get, until in their dotage. So you should start seeing some moments of adult behavior. They are so beautiful–you’re fortunate to have the space for them.

  2. Beautiful girls, no doubt about it. They will settle down, just not at one. Cora was still wild when we got her at about one year of age. Now, except for chasing cats and anything with wings, she’s mostly quiet except when the dog next door gets her romping. 🙂 She’s either four or five…

  3. Karen, I would love some moments of calm…. You give me hope!
    Angie, TWO?!?!? That’s another whole year! Sigh….
    Zoomie, Sedi was playful right up until she had her stroke. If they just stop destroying stuff I’ll be content! Like the hedge, and the gardens….
    Pam, they say ‘thanks’… ;-))
    manningroad, thanks… I had my doubts a few times LOL
    Lannae, I am, too… even the bad times are not so bad. And they ARE cuddly.

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