Risotto with Duck Confit and Beluga Lentils — 13 Comments

  1. Glad you are home safely after a difficult trip. Aren’t you glad that you are missing all the American politics on TV? Though France is also having elections, they don’t get this crazy do they. I am sure your beautiful dogs, and husband, were all happy to see you home. Susan

  2. Welcome back! The new reality will take a long time to adjust to, but that’s normal. Missing the loved one goes on for far longer than we expect; again, normal. Give yourself time and permission to grieve.
    And thanks for the recipe – I’m especially looking forward to hearing about the progress in the house and the regression in the puppies while you were away! 😀

  3. Welcome home and welcome back to blogland – I have been looking out for your return and I am glad you are back safely and now I hope you can take some time for your self – love and thoughts to you and pats for the puppies !!

  4. Glad you are back Kate and life is getting back to some resemblance of normal. I have never had beluga lentils so just another thing to watch out for!

  5. Please accept my condolences, Katie. I’m sure the trip was a difficult one.
    I’m happy to hear that you returned to brighter, spring like weather and thank you for sharing this recipe. It is just the kind of thing I love.
    And that quote is PERFECT.

  6. Home again yes is always best and I’m meaning that for both ways of this last trip.
    Check facts … oh my if only a few would do that just a few times, things might seem very different. Then if only a few (I see a glimmer in your quote) could take a step back and have just a tad bit of allowance for a different view, mighten it be we could all be more respectful and tolerant. I can not understand extreme positions that have no allowance for something different. Yes, mouth shut, maybe I’ve said too much already.
    At any rate: Happy Spring.

  7. happyshangbo – glad you like it – great one-pot meal.
    Susan, ah…. American politics….. most interesting. I think I prefer to follow from afar 😉 Yes, happy to be home.
    Linda, thanks… We all go through it – doesn’t make it easier….
    Thanks, Kathy…
    Meredith, I’d share the duck fat if you lived closer (too much for us) LOL
    Zoomie, thanks – intellectually I know this; emotionally is a whole different world. Puppies are very comforting (Ha)
    Elizabeth, a new meaning to comfort food…. thanks, sweetie XO back at ya
    manningroad,it’s good to be back – I’ll give big hugs to the puppies (they can handle it)
    Thanks, Loulou, it’s good to be home…. and I love that quote, esp. after 2 weeks of American ‘news’.
    Tanna, I’m always amazed at what’s on US news shows – It takes me awhile to remember that most of them aren’t really news but entertainment…. And outrageous entertains. Just too bad that some people think it’s fact and not fiction they’re spouting…. Happy spring to you!

  8. Val, thanks… The beluga lentils are smaller then the du Puy, black and hold their shape really well. I just love lentils of all types