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Fried Tomatoes alla Romano; tomato addiction lives on — 9 Comments

  1. One can never have enough fresh tomatoes . . . I envy you the space to plan them. Of course, if I were your neighbor, I’d encourage you to buy even more!

  2. Katie – I am on my way to a local farm today. I too promised myself not to go overboard. Like you, I think this might be a loosing battle. We shall see!

  3. I think you got exactly the right number of tomato plants. What Manningroad said, plus, what the heck – this year, those pesky rabbits (or puppies) might get some, so you’ll be glad you have extras.

  4. Well gosh darn don’t those tomatoes look decadent. Some food is just begging to be eaten, isn’t it? And I concur with the Gary up above – you can never have enough fresh tomatoes. – Gary

  5. manningroad, that’s exactly what I said! Mon mari didn’t agree. What does he know.
    Gary, absolutely. The more I have the more I can eat!
    Ina, there were just so many varieties I wanted to try
    Tv Food – thanks… And I do have a freezer to fill up…
    Meredith, I freeze. I use to can, freezing is easier LOL
    brisbane, thanks…