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Babes do it again! Granville Island Beer Bread — 5 Comments

  1. Always I’m amazed at how different they turn out with the same recipe … ah but without rules that recipe only becomes a guide line and we just smash everything all around … so maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised 😉
    This really was just incredible, picnic in a loaf. Amazing crust – crisp but so delicate and the softness was loverly.

  2. Wonderful! I love seeing them all assembled like that.
    I really liked this loaf, and I’m so happy others did too!

  3. Tanna, our local bakery does bacon bread – which the hubs bought all the time before he had the pancreas removed…. I should make this just for me.
    Natashya, it’s a glorious loaf – well chosen~

  4. Now I see them together I can smell the bread again… onions and cheese make me drool again and again. Thanks Katie for making these lovely posts for us all.