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Grilled Pork Chops with Spinach and Cannellini Salad — 6 Comments

  1. Katie – this meal looks fabulous – love the salad. I think I am still somewhat intimidated by the computer – no facebook, no pinterest….maybe one day?

  2. Katie , We loved you without facebook..or whatever. I have resisted all of this technorati cause it brings in too much junk mail. Hope you have better luck!!!

  3. I know how to text so I know what LOL means; I am on FB more or less daily and even post stuff sometimes; I contribute to a FB page for my swim team; I’m on Google + because I was invited – don’t have anything up there; I recently joined Pinterest, but don’t find it very (pin)teresting; I have a Twitter account but to my knowledge I have never tweeted; and I have my blog, my favorite part of online stuff. I didn’t even know the others you mentioned existed and, in this case, ignorance was bliss. 🙂 I think there may be more… but I can’t recall them all!
    Good luck with all these. You might contact a newspaper in the US – many of them are inviting guest writers to contribute both food ideas and other essays to their online presence. You get 1/2 a cent or some such, per click, and it can add up. A friend of mine does an art column for the SF Examiner and she nets roughly $100/month. Not riches, but every little click adds up.

  4. You are so right Kathie!!! It’s exhausting and time consuming to be and actualize everything everywhere. What I do now: I just stick to my first blogger friends. And I only use the rest of the platforms to inform about a new post in my blog. Never check messages there, never check other people status… there’s simply not enough time a day to, buy the food, make the lunch, take the pictures, talk about it in the blog and spread the word.
    And you forgot about flickr, tastespoting, foodgawker and others. Hand me a plate please, I need to charge my batteries ;D

  5. manningroad, thanks…. hope I see some results LOL
    Ina, I’ve been into computers all my working life…. It’s still complicated…
    Diane, the junk mail can be controlled – somewhat – I hope LOL
    Zoomie, thanks for the suggestion – good idea! As to all the stuff, I’m afraid I barely touched on it. But, it’s all I’m going to do.
    Nuria, oh my, I have neglected those…. you’re right, not enough time in the day…. and now it’s gardening season, too. Must be time for lunch!