Risotto with Feta, Ham, Peas and Carrots — 12 Comments

  1. No ham. We had lamb and there’s none left-over. I hadn’t heard about the recent Augusta tournament. If I was CEO of IBM, that kind of behavior would make me want to pull my sponsorship.

  2. The 3rd risotto in a row while visiting blogs…. Is there a risotto fever? Is the Risotto day and I haven’t noticed? As I told Val and Ben, you will have me knocking on your door in no time with my palos de golf (if I had them) but just to say that I’m with you on this! Not fair at all.

  3. The Handmaid’s Tale is the single most frightening book I have ever read – a masterpiece. I, too, am sickened by the behavior of the “boy’s club” at Augusta. They have the right, but they are wrong.

  4. Jann, thanks – and I agree (obviously)
    Tanna, that book was haunting….
    Pam, love leftover ham.
    Meredith, apparently, she acted very professional and gracious about the whole thing – better than the club…
    manningroad, I’m just so amazed that it’s still like that.
    Nuria, must go and check out the rest of the risottos…. Love it! Come knock on my door anytime… 😉
    Zoomie, I agree… I’ve read it several times and it hasn’t lost its power. And I agree about the ole boys…

  5. Hi Katie
    Yes we too read about Augusta. I don’t play golf but find that whole No Women Allowed amazing in this day and age.
    But I’m glad it hasn’t upset you enough to stop you turning out yummy food yet again!

  6. Yup. It’s mind-boggling. I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again: WHAT are they afraid of?
    Also mind-boggling (but in a good way) is this risotto. I want some now. Maybe the neighbours have some left-over ham that I can steal.

  7. Jenn and Seth, I love playing with risotto!
    Gilli, it really is surprising, and for such a well-known organization, too.
    Elizabeth, it does make one wonder, doesn’t it?