Lamb Curry, almost — 6 Comments

  1. My first mother-in-law gave me a “round tuit” once, as a joke. She also gave one to her son-in-law. Neither of us laughed. There are just some things a m-i-l should not joke about.
    He’s pretty productive for a guy who’s on strike.

  2. Katie – so sorry you have troubles with curry. It has me thinking: most Indian curries contain fennugreek, tumeric, corriander, ginger, to name a few…they are not listed in your recipe. Could one of these be the culprit?
    It may be just one spice that you react to, or perhaps a combination? Scary…I so love curries – but this would most definitely keep me at “bay”!

  3. I love curries but I certainly don’t want to wake up in hospital !! That sounds a dreadful experience. I do try to avoid the ones heavily doused in coconut milk just because of the calories. I did make Bengali potatoes for dinner tonight and they were delicious.

  4. Marina, we’re trying to smile despite the horrid weather
    Tanna, thanks – we like them too… and the lamb was delicious.
    Zoomie, if she’d given them to her kids, too… But, you’re right, mil’s need to mind their manners LOL
    Ina, it’s the heat that has an effect, and I haven’t sorted out which source of heat….. easier just to avoid it 😉
    manningroad, the hubs loves the heat. When we visit our friend in Spain the two of them pig out on hot curries…. I eat pasta and veg LOL