Risotto with Fresh Fava (Broad) Beans — 7 Comments

  1. No fava beans here yet. I’ll have to wait a bit longer, since we are having a wet spring. I never tried making risotto with edamame.

  2. We don’t get fava beans here except for frozen…I imagine this to be delicious! We do have a local version called patani whose season is likewise fleeting…I love them!

  3. Sounds great! I love both risotto and “broad” beans! We will have fresh broad beans grown by my Mother in law in a few weeks, will remember this recipe for them!

  4. As a child I loathed broad beans as they were served by my mother in those horrible bitter pods. Now I adore that sweet bean even though podding them is a bit arduous !!

  5. Phoenicia, I love them… especially the free part
    Simona, we get them early here. The edamame are good – but I can’t get them here. I used them in the US – where I couldn’t get fava beans LOL
    Joey, it’s all about whatever is fresh and local ;-))
    Jayne, lucky you – really fresh ones!
    manningroad, I do it while watching TV – or sitting outside watching the puppies ; -)
    five finicky eaters – hope you have a bumper crop!