Turkey with Honey, Lemon and Mustard

It’s spring!

There’s change in the air.

But first…..

One often thinks of honey and lemon as something to stir into tea or, maybe, hot brandy as a sore-throat remedy.

Add a bit of mustard and it makes a lovely pan sauce for turkey cutlets (or chicken breasts) – and very quickly… Perfect for a midweek dinner.

The recipe, Turkey with Honey, Lemon and Mustard, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Turkey Cutlets with Lemon and Mustard.

Now for the changes…

Well, that was it.

After finally getting a chance to look at all the crap I download all the time to read and then never do….

Now that the books are unpacked and the furniture moved and the clothes unpacked…

I decided to pay attention to what Google and Twitter and Facebook and Bing and so on have been up to lately.

It’s been rather a lot.

Without boring you with all the details (if you really want to know you probably already do – havinig read the stuff when it was current), I decided to make some changes.

The biggest change, and the one you will notice, is that I’m putting the recipe first and my ranting and updating and puppy posts and all the rest second.

The other changes…. You won’t notice.

Or, if you do, you shouldn’t care.

As to the update for this week – mon mari is busy doing trim again.  Nothing worth taking photos of. (Actually, he’s avoiding an ugly job by doing the trim. When he finally does it I’ll let you know)

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6 thoughts on “Turkey with Honey, Lemon and Mustard”

  1. That sauce seems like just the thing for me right about now. And your observation about search engine “crawling” is quite interesting; I’ll have to look into that. However, puppy pictures should always get you to the top of Google now matter how that company changes its algorithms. That should be a basic human right.

  2. manningroad, I see recipes for them all the time in magazines, but, apparently they’re not as common as I thought. They’re everywhere here.
    Val, very ;-))
    Baker Street, I love whole grain mustard, too. Actually, I love all mustards

  3. re cold rainy spring: we nearly always have them – think seattle – but here an hour from vancouver it’s glorious when the sun does shine! now it’s lilac time, later than usual.
    i love your blog, even though i don’t eat red meat. ton mari is SO lucky.

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