Turkey with Honey, Lemon and Mustard — 6 Comments

  1. That sauce seems like just the thing for me right about now. And your observation about search engine “crawling” is quite interesting; I’ll have to look into that. However, puppy pictures should always get you to the top of Google now matter how that company changes its algorithms. That should be a basic human right.

  2. Oh yum! I love the use of whole grain mustard over mustard sauce. This is truly delicious.

  3. manningroad, I see recipes for them all the time in magazines, but, apparently they’re not as common as I thought. They’re everywhere here.
    Val, very ;-))
    Baker Street, I love whole grain mustard, too. Actually, I love all mustards

  4. re cold rainy spring: we nearly always have them – think seattle – but here an hour from vancouver it’s glorious when the sun does shine! now it’s lilac time, later than usual.
    i love your blog, even though i don’t eat red meat. ton mari is SO lucky.