Absolute Best Brownies…. Really — 16 Comments

  1. I LOVE David Lebovitz, he always has the best recipes! These brownies look amazing, you did such a great job with them.

  2. Of course, brownies have to be iced. Otherwise, they’re not finished.
    Those DO look like very good brownies. But are they as good as the “Brownies Cockaigne” in The Joy of Cooking (1975 edition)? These are our “absolute best brownies”. The two recipes are not unsimilar in the ingredients but quite different in the prep. (This is my take on the Joy recipe:
    What kind of nuts did you use? (We always replace the nuts with Thompson raisins – we LOVE Thompson raisins in brownies.)
    Not even a few crumbs for such lovely puppies? But look at those sweet innocent faces?! How could you say no.

  3. We must be on the same wave length. I made brownies yesterday and I’ve been working on my garden, trying to dog-proof it.

  4. Although, I do have my go-to brownie recipe…I’m certainly willing to give a go at another ‘best of’ recipe…especially when chocolate is involved.
    BTW…maybe your four legged friends can enjoy this treat with carob?…I know mine would devour such a surprise ;o)
    Ciao for now and flavourful wishes,

  5. It’s very rare that I make one of your recipes the very same day that you post it BUT today was that day! I actually had all the ingredients on hand. The brownies are cooling right now–slight cracking around the edges. That could be because of my oven. I could only choose between 165°C and 180° with my oven. Now, we’re all (especially the girls) waiting impatiently for them to cool. (My stand-by brownie recipe, although I wouldn’t call it the absolute best, more of a great workhorse one, is the America’s Test Kitchen lunchbox brownies–I can make it with my 4-year old and it still turns out great!)

  6. Happy Cook – it’s the glaze – it was wonderful….
    Mary Ellen, I love him too, and thanks!
    Elizabeth, I haven’t tried the other – these are the first brownies I’ve made in years. I don’t make sweet ;-). Walnuts, of course…. we have 3 trees.
    Christine, thanks – on both counts.
    Meredith, I don’t know about Duffy…. but with my two I don’t think it’s possible…. Bonne Chance!
    FOODESSA, I’m not very well-versed in other brownies…. but I was very happy with these LOL
    manningroad, they will take any and every chance to get out…. And do!
    Val, you’ll be happy (I hope)
    Erin, I do hope you were all happy with these….
    Zoomie, Oh, I do hope so…. I’m getting so fed up with watching them all the time.
    Joey, I’m glad I found it…. Hope you like it!

  7. How can I say no to the absolute best brownies? Hmmm…I’ve gotta try this. Awesome pictures too. Poor doggies, no brownies. My yellow lab, loves anything chocolatey, and will die for brownies too…Thanks for sharing!

  8. myfudo, I will share many, many things with my puppies…. I draw the line at chocolate. Until they develop opposable thumbs my chocolate is safe. And these really were THAT good :-))

  9. Hey…I just saw this picture on Foodgawker and couldn’t stop appreciating the clicks!! The recipe sounds delish!!!Got to try this out for kids 🙂

  10. Is there any chance a Kitchenaid stand mixer can do the vigorous mixing instead of my arm with the same results??
    Love the recipe, can’t wait to try it!