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Avocado Truffle Tarts — 8 Comments

  1. Oh, Katie, what a sad tale of multiple woes! And having your mari ask _that_ question in just _that_ tone! Grrrr! I’d have decked him! 🙂 Glad your tomatoes are in the ground, anyway. Mine is still in a pot, awaiting a surge of energy from me.

  2. Well, I got rained out of a trash and treasure market where I had a stall this morning – most of the clothes I was selling are very damp and draped everywhere drying and I think the books are beyond repair with their pages stuck together. The forecast was NOT for rain so I was unprepared. Not a great way to start the weekend!!

  3. Although I rarely bake the avocado, this recipe has me enthusiastic to make your puff pastry treat…especially with the combo of goat cheese ;o)
    Have a lovely week.
    Ciao for now,

  4. What is it with hail this year? It’s everywhere. Last month it decimated all my seedings. But things have bounced back and I’m sure your tomato plants will, too. Remember, you have too many . . . LOL . . .

  5. Oh Katie, I feel your pain. In my case, it’s the killing frost. This d*** global warming is causing frost as late as April 27th! :)So while all my tomatoes have been in the ground for about a month, most of their tops are dead and will take some time for new suckers to come out. Oh well, you pays your money and takes your chances.
    Hope the sun comes out,

  6. Zoomie, so much was going wrong that day – all we can do is laugh…. A little later.
    manningroad, almost as bad as constant rain is unexpected rain. Too bad about the books…..
    Foodessa, cooked avocado is surprisingly good – and always good with goat cheese LOL
    Gary, they are improving. When we lived in Andorra any hail was devastating – destroyed the tobacco crop. Never too many… Never
    Brassfrog, okay, I remember having snow in May when I lived in Minnesota… Probably no frost tho. And I never planted before Memorial day ;-))

  7. Chaya, goat cheese goes with everything – thanks for the suggestion – I’ll have a look.