Braised Pork with White Wine, Olives and Sage — 6 Comments

  1. Katie,
    My sage is also doing well, blossoming even! Those blossoms taste SO good in a salad.
    What else is going CRAZY is my wild-seeded parsley. It is everywhere, and now about 3 feet tall. So this afternoon I got out my Vitamix, picked a grocery bag full of the parsley, some of my precious hardstem garlic from last year’s harvest, some walnuts from the freezer and some grated Parmesan. Firing up the machine I added the ingredients and some EVOO. It isn’t just parsely-walnut pesto, it’s parsley butter! So good.

  2. Interestingly, my sage here in California is having a banner year, too. Sage must like having the moon closer and late rains.

  3. I don’t have sage planted but even though winter starts officially next month my basil is still going strong – but we are pesto-ed out !!

  4. I think I would prefer thriving sage to thriving thyme… but more than anything I would prefer your garden to the three pots on my Hollywood balcony.

  5. Brassfrog, I never thought about eating the blossoms – I don’t eat enough flowers… My parsley got in the way of the fence.
    Zoomie, I also think I water it too much but it seems to love all the rain we got this spring.
    manningroad, it hasn’t been warm enough over night to plant the basil yet – have to be happy with sage. Lucky you!
    TV Food, I love lemon thyme and serpolet thyme – both have larger, softer leaves than the common thyme – pots are better than nothing!
    RecipeNewZ, thanks!