Chicken Fingers Dijonaise — 7 Comments

  1. Katie, that microchip in the credit card, or the lack of one in our cards, is what makes travel in European a little more difficult. We cannot buy gas without an attendant to swipe the card for us. We can’t do it by ourselves. Yes, USA is very far behind in this technology. Hopefully, we will have it soon. After a long winter, you are really playing catch-up now outside.

  2. I’m liking the sound of those chicken fingers, and grateful, I must admit, not to have to do any mowing…

  3. We just signed up for a new credit card with the microchip for our trip to France next month. I love the sound of your chicken strips. Think I will make them next week. Glad it has stopped raining.

  4. Susan, the same is true for the Brit’s – they’re just getting microchips too. Big problem for driving at night. Yes, the catch-up is taking awhile.
    Zoomie, are you sure you don’t want to come and mow? I’d let you – I know you love it…
    Veronica, thanks – we like it.
    Val, it was – put it in the oven and forget it!
    Penny, you’re coming to France? I hope you have good weather – June is usually lovely. Where are you going to be?
    manningroad, yes, you have to come here and mow. I’m waiting…..