Chicken Fingers Dijonaise

Chicken strips; chicken fingers; chicken sticks….

Whatever they’re called they seem to be on every family restaurant everywhere.

Are they good? 

I have no idea.

I’ve never ordered them.

But, after bouncing around on the lawn mower for five hours in the blazing sun followed by another hour in the garden, then pushing the hand mower around the lawn, a quick, easy recipe seemed to be in order.

I still wanted flavor, though.

Some hot, Dijon mustard added the flavor, the mayonnaise added the moisture and made the crumbs stick.

Now, you ask, what about a dipping sauce…..

Didn’t need one.

The recipe, Chicken Fingers Dijonaise, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Baked Chicken Fingers.  

Clarification after posting:  It’s a US credit card – yes, I still have a US bank credit card.

I got a new credit card in the mail the other day.

It was unexpected, the current one was good for eighteen more months.

So…. I did what I rarely do: read the info that came with it.

The card now has a microchip embedded.  This is because ‘Merchants in Canada and overseas are moving to this new credit card standard….’

I’ve got news for you, Credit Card Company.  These ‘new’ cards have been the standard here in France since before 2004.  You’re 8 years behind the (French) times.

And another thing….  The Internet.

The internet has been big in the US since around 1996.  France has had the Minitel, available to everyone in France with a phone, since the early ’80’s.  It allows people to shop, make travel reservations, send messages, play games….. Sound familiar?

(I didn’t like the tone of the info pamphlet LOL) (Or maybe I shouldn’t do all the mowing on the same day in the hot sun)

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7 thoughts on “Chicken Fingers Dijonaise”

  1. Katie, that microchip in the credit card, or the lack of one in our cards, is what makes travel in European a little more difficult. We cannot buy gas without an attendant to swipe the card for us. We can’t do it by ourselves. Yes, USA is very far behind in this technology. Hopefully, we will have it soon. After a long winter, you are really playing catch-up now outside.

  2. We just signed up for a new credit card with the microchip for our trip to France next month. I love the sound of your chicken strips. Think I will make them next week. Glad it has stopped raining.

  3. Susan, the same is true for the Brit’s – they’re just getting microchips too. Big problem for driving at night. Yes, the catch-up is taking awhile.
    Zoomie, are you sure you don’t want to come and mow? I’d let you – I know you love it…
    Veronica, thanks – we like it.
    Val, it was – put it in the oven and forget it!
    Penny, you’re coming to France? I hope you have good weather – June is usually lovely. Where are you going to be?
    manningroad, yes, you have to come here and mow. I’m waiting…..

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