Couscous Feta Pilaf; Battle of the Bulge in America — 6 Comments

  1. Jamie Oliver has had a terrible time trying to get U.S. schools to serve healthier food – did that series get to France on TV – I was riveted with horror actually seeing what was being served for school lunches. Australia too has horrendous stats when it comes to obesity.

  2. @manningroad: I was SHOCKED at the horrible reception he got here–and how the kids all said they would eat those “chicken nuggets” he made from chicken parts, unlike children from other countries. When I taught school, aeons ago, they had just started to install soda and candy machines. Most of the faculty protested loudly; but money talks, especially in poorly-funded schools. We now see the results.

  3. Did you know that they have soda machines in schools now? Soda machines! No wonder kids are fat! I’m heavy now but I wasn’t when I was young – the scariest part for me is to see how many very young children (first and second graders!) are already obese. And, yes, phys ed should be required every day at school. Where I tutor, it is required – they are enlightened.

  4. manningroad, no, I didn’t see that. I heard about it but don’t think it made it to us. There are McDonald’s in hospitals in the US – ’nuff said.
    Gary, we used to have a ‘candy stand’ in our school – open for 10 minutes a day. But always milk with lunch – no soft drinks. I’m going to look for that series.
    Elizabeth, yeah…. me too. Makes me want to scream.
    Zoomie, I think the state of children is terrible – bad diets, no discipline… Best not go there….

  5. Healthier children’s meals in restaurants are definitely a good idea. The way things are now, health conscious parents don’t feel very encouraged to eat out at one of these fast food restaurants themselves, much less subject their children to all the salt and reused oil.
    I think a lot of changes can be made. Fast food does not have to be so unhealthy. In our own homes we have quick dinner and lunch ideas that are more healthy and cost less. Of course oil makes food taste better. Why is it that an entire menu has to be a combination of greasy food? Even serving fried chicken with fries done in the oven would make a difference. The meal would still taste good but you would get more out of the food.