Honey Mustard Pork Chops — 10 Comments

  1. You have my sympathy. Spring seemed to come early this year with crazy warm temperatures in March and early April, only to have April be cold and rainy and then even colder. Even May seems to be struggling along. We had this beautiful warm weekend that became another wet cold day today.
    No matter to me for cooking. I can’t cook outside – apartment dweller. 🙂 I’d try this recipe any time of year though. I love any way you can cook a pork chop.

  2. Katie – love the pork chops – so yummy! We are having the same dreadful spring! I am waiting for the rain to stop, so I can get out there with seeds and seedlings – not gonna happen any time too soon by the looks of things!

  3. I planted my few green bean seeds today and hope it will be warm enough at night for them to germinate. While I admire the heck out of your potager, I quail at the thought of all that weeding. My gopher got my zucchini plant, so I’ll try another in a different location. I’m trying to “live and let live,” but he’s testing my patience. I hope the rain lets up soon and the fence keeps your puppies in. No wonder the fireplace smoked – it wasn’t nearly deep enough! Good idea to use it decoratively. I have seen pillar candles of varying heights in such a fireplace and they look lovely when lighted and give the idea of a fireplace without all the mess.

  4. I haven’t had a good spring either, so cool and rainy! At least you have these yummy pork chops to make you happy!

  5. Rachel, this has been a bad one – but there’s hope in the forecast.
    Pam, can’t be soon enough!
    Tanna, it’s common to have shallow fireplaces cut out of the walls here – don’t know why they don’t all smoke LOL
    Veronica, thanks – I a big fan of mustard… and honey.
    Ina, it’s hard to plant seeds in the mud LOL – although I did on Saturday…
    Zoomie, I don’t weed – I hoe… that’s usually enough…. takes about 2 hours per week. Love the idea of the pillar candles!
    manningroad, I surely hope so – then it will probably come with a vengeance!
    Mary Ellen, we’ll hope for a good summer!
    Christine – thanks….