Memorial Day…. The French do not forget. — 8 Comments

  1. With two world wars on their soil, Europeans can’t forget the tragedies of those wars. The first time I was in Europe, one thing that took me by surprise were all the war memorials, plaques, statues, etc. They’re everywhere. Sobering.

  2. The act of remembrance helps us know who we were, reminds us to check in to know who we are now and who we want to be tomorrow…reminds us of generosity of spirit and gratitude. Thank you!

  3. I was so surprised and emotionally touched the first time I saw a memorial such as this one in a tiny village in south-west France. After that I noticed them everywhere. Wonderful, goosebump inducing post, Katie.

  4. Lovely post, Katie. Thanks for sharing. Here in the US, people are sometimes surprised to be reminded what Memorial Day is all about. For many, it’s just the opening day of the summer season.

  5. A touching story, Katie. “Ne l’oubions pas” in fact means “Let us not forget him.”

  6. Tanna, WOW, well done for your father!
    manningroad, it really is – so peaceful and pretty.
    Gary, it is very sobering…. even the tiniest villages have something.
    Margarita,you’re welcome. I agree, it is important to remember….
    Christine, they are all over, for both wars.
    Zoomie, too many people forget about the past… or ignore it.
    Mary, thanks – and thanks for the translation…