No more puppies – the update

They're big girls now – full-fledged dogs, er, bitches.

Well, not Bonnie.

Bonnie is the devil.


This used to be a bed of iris.

There were 4 different colors.

They were all beautiful.

They were just getting ready to bloom.



First, Bonnie ate all she could, then came in the house and threw it all up at my feet.

Then she and Guapa roll around in what was left of the iris.

Emma used to like to lay on them also.  Apparently iris are comfy.  I've never tried it.

I will try to salvage what I can and replant outside of the new fence.


This is / was my forsythia.  It was doing so well, getting a nice shape.

It was covered in golden blossoms this spring.

I'm not sure if they fell into it, jumped into it….

Or it just pissed them off and they grabbed at the branches and pulled….

Much like they used to grab at the fence and pull until they had a hole Bonnie could crawl through.


They'll be 14 months old tomorrow.

Someone should tell them it's time to grow up and stop rolling around and fighting like puppies.

They're too big for that.

You don't even want to know what it's like when they decide to have a romp in the house.

At 4:00 in the morning…..

Aren't they pretty, though?

8 thoughts on “No more puppies – the update”

  1. They are pretty, indeed. If they are anything like Cora was, they will remain in a puppy state of mind for a couple more years. Good idea to plant things _outside_ the fence until they decide to grow up.
    Oh, and most years my irises look similar to yours. If not trampled, then surely topped… *sigh*

  2. Yes, they are pretty, pretty! I can’t imagine what it would be like with them romping around the house at night. We’ve got 2 cats and it sounds like herd of horses running through the house. I would spoil those dogs rotten, they are so adorable! Too bad about the plants. At least you don’t have deer in the yard to do that, like it is here.

  3. My dog is a shelter dog. We got her when she was 18 months old, roughly. We thought she was great–but my guess is that her prior owner was just plain exasperated that she was still acting like a crazy puppy and got rid of her as unmanageable. Seven years later, she is still playful, but selectively so. Both she and my prior dog settled down considerably after they passed the two year mark, so there’s hope for your young ladies.

  4. Have you heard the term multicoloured yawn – a euphamism for vomitus – that came to mind when you wrote of the “4 different coloured iris” vomit. Good turn of phrase, I think. Re the puppies I just think you are looking down the barrel of an extended adolescence – there is light at the end of the tunnel as I can see our rambuctious labrador JUST turning the corner as she heads into her 5th year !!

  5. I smiled all the while reading this post- they must love irises! No doubt they know how to have a good time together.

  6. Zoomie, oh please let it be sooner than that! – All outside the fence!
    pam, lucky for them LOL
    Pam, they don’t do it often, because the get put in the pantry when they do – but they forget….
    Karen, 2 years? I was really hoping for 1 year…. then 1 1/2 years….
    manningroad – love that expression! Not 5 years…. I can’t do 5 years ;-))
    Velva, easy to smile when it’s not your front garden ;-)) – I’m moving the iris (what’s left)
    Tanna, that must be it…. and they do well with giving me cuddles after they’ve been bad – scamps!

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