Pan-Fried Nile Perch with Capers and Lemon — 9 Comments

  1. What a clever idea to use the little wooden fence for paths through the new garden! I’m sure you are heartily sick of rain and wet puppies. I’ll try sending you some good weather vibes. Hang tough.

  2. It has rained hard all day here too – my doggies have got cabin fever even though I have whizzed them out for 2 quick walks when it has slowed to a drizzle !!

  3. So, how does Nile perch differ from lake perch or ocean perch? Hope all the rain you are getting now doesn’t mean you won’t be getting in the summer months.

  4. Puppies? Those horses are n o t puppies. 🙂
    Really nice and easy way to make tasty fish. Thanks!
    Waiting for the flood of Realtors (Realtor cavalcade?) to come through in the first showing of our “staged” house. Very traumatic, but the house looks fabulous. Jolie the cat and I have to go away for four hours. Gonna be hard on her.
    Hope your rain stops.Ours just started this week and apparently is going to go on forever. 🙁
    Best regards,

  5. Nile perch is a fish I often make for the girls. Exactly because it is not a “bad” fish.

  6. He just decided to like fish? I wish I could just decide I like fish. My life and the life of everyone close to me would be so much easier. Alas, my attempts to eat fish have always been met with violent reactions from my taste buds. Oddly enough, the older I get, the more sensitive I become to fishy flavors, which is weird because they say your tastebuds become less senstive as you age. Go figure.
    You made me laugh about the bone thing. My husband only eats certain types of fish. I really don’t kow one fish from the other, but I have learned when I buy fish for him that I should buy FLAT fish rather than THICK fish. Something that’s a thick slab like a salmon – Bad. Something thin and falilng apart like tilapia or flounder – good. OH wait. It looks like I know my fish better than I think I do.
    Your garden is lovely. Good luck keeping the woofers out of it!

  7. Zoomie, thanks for the fish tip… and the little fences really work well (I hope). As to the rain – bored, bored puppies
    manningroad, we really can’t tell them to go watch TV – and I’m running out of ideas.
    Gary, all I know is that it’s a fairly big fish – one filet was more than enough for the 2 of us, unlike the smaller perch.
    Brassfrog, here it’s just the opposite, when our house was for sale we did the showing, and had to be present all the time. Sympathies for the rain…. – And good luck with the house!
    Meredith, we liked it – we’ll search for more ‘good’ fish.
    Rachel, he likes fish, as long as there are no bones…. One bone and he quits eating. He loves salmon (no bones) I’m not very good with fish, either. Rabbits and doggies banned from the garden.
    Baking Soda, it seems to be a common theme….