Chicken Salad with Roasted Potatoes, Shallots and Onions — 11 Comments

  1. It would seem that summer has finally arrived chez vous. There are very few foods I would give up – I’m lucky to be allergic to none. Only green peppers – I like them, but they don’t like me. The allergy is not life-threatening – I just taste peppers all day after eating them. I love the seasonal variety of foods – why give any up?

  2. Ooh…Katie! This sounds amazing!
    We are having our daughter and her family here next week, and since our granddaughter is having gluten/dairy issues, I have had to re-think a few of our planned meals. Our daughter is nursing our grandson, so the Dr. is also having her avoid gluten since it is likely that baby will also have those same sensitivities. And….since it is supposed to be in the upper 90’s here as well, anything cooked outdoors will be most appreciated by moi! This just might be going on the menu.
    I also think I would be most upset if I had to give up tomatoes. And cheese. And wine. Definitely upset if I had to give up wine. Definitely….

  3. I would NEVER give up dairy, I’m sure my body right now is deciding to turn me lactose intolerant just so I can eat my words!! I can’t imagine not having alliums nor meat either. I can remove seafood from my food list and not even know it, never liked shellfish (some childhood phobia with texture that is still around in my 50s) though I do enjoy a nice piece of salmon every now and then. Can never get enough salads, I’m sure living in HOT Arizona has something to do with it. Today temperature is 111. Thanks for the salad recipes, enjoying them a lot Katie.
    Thank you

  4. Katie: I am with you all the way. There is no way in H… I would give up on tomatoes – you could not pay me a million dollars to give up on tomatoes!
    I once cooked for one week for a couple who just delivered a new born premie baby. They were Buddhist’s which I did not know. No onions of any kind and absolutely no garlic. How the hell do you cook without onions and garlic? I thought it was the worst food I have ever cooked in my life! Such a disappointment. They loved it. Go figure?? By the way…I would love to know why that WOMAN would not eat anything green. Pretty unfathomable in my world…really, absolutely nothing green? I think I might have been rude too! 🙂

  5. I love tomatoes … but a million dollars … I could give up tomatoes … I could give up red meat … never give up garlic or onions … OK I could give up any ONE of them for a million dollars. BUT until somebody comes up with the million, I’ll have your salad … and thank you!

  6. My daughter has a fructose/gluten intolerance diagnosed when she was aged 22 after her whole life of tummy upsets. I now have to cook without onions and tomatoes for her plus a whole range of other things I love. A little garlic powder is Ok but I make tomato based sauces and freeze small portions for myself as I personally cannot live without tomatoes. A staple dish for her is rice vermicelli with ham, cheese and avocado – luckily she loves it !!

  7. Zoomie, summer has definitely arrived. There is not much I would give up… I could give up parsnips….
    Cindy, I couldn’t give up those three, either…. of chocolate. So many people have a problem with gluten now…. Hope the salad works for you!
    Linda – 111F !!!!! And I think it’s hot here at 97F I couldn’t deal with your heat – even if it’s dry LOL. There isn’t much that I don’t like – except hot peppers!!!!
    Ina, I suppose it’s whatever you get used to… but no tomatoes would mean no pizza or lasagne or chili…. No way! That woman? Just weird….
    Tanna, I could give up the red meat for a million… but tomatoes would be a tough one LOL. And yeah, I want to see the cash….
    manningroad – poor daughter! But, I guess whatever makes you feel healthy is going to taste pretty good…. I’d be making sauces for me, too. ;-))
    ellenbcookery, it is – one of our favorites! Thanks.

  8. Perfect for us: Ingredients we love. Maybe now that I am 90 days away from retirement (but who’s counting?) I can actually make something like this again.
    Hopefully sooner.

  9. You’ve forgotten the reason that the woman wouldn’t eat anything green? Augh!!! Couldn’t you have made something up? Inquiring minds (or what’s left of one of them) want to know!
    We just had a variation of your earlier version of salad with potatoes the other night: Roast potatoes, goat cheese dressing, left-over slices of barbecued pork shoulder instead of sausage. We LOVE that salad! Whenever we have it for dinner (which is often when it’s poisonously hot as it is right now), I’ve often wondered if chicken would work too. Clearly, it does.
    Parsnips? You could give up parsnips? I couldn’t! There’s nothing so wonderful as leftover oven roasted parsnips in a chicken and dressing sandwich (Thanksgiving and Christmas leftovers….) I could give up carrots though.

  10. Mimi – so close and you’ll have the lovely fall to start enjoying new life.
    Elizabeth – I may have just blocked it out. She turned into a bit of a problem. I don’t get parsnips… Once in a blue moon I see them, and usually they’re pretty wretched. I did have them for Christmas at the neighbors’ (British, had them sent) and they were wonderful.