Grilled Chicken Kebab Salad

In the past, when I’ve made kebabs, I’ve done the vegetables on separate skewers.  That makes it easier to get the meat and vegetables done the way we like them.

But this was a weeknight.  I didn’t want to fuss.

And I was serving it on a salad (!) rather than rice or couscous.

Cutting everything into smaller squares allowed it all to cook quickly, getting the chicken done without overcooking the vegetables.

As to serving it on a salad?


The recipe, Grilled Chicken Kebab Salad, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Grilled Chicken Kebabs.

Ever wonder why it seems to take so long to accomplish what should, on the surface, be a simple task?

I thought I’d show you how mon mari is building the level supports for the floor in the dining room.

This is the interior corner.  As you can see the support beam is resting on the floor.


Moving towards the door going into the hall, the supports under the floor beams are about 3 inches high.


Continuing on the the outer wall, the supports are about 5 inches high.


Turning the corner, heading towards the window, the old floor rises up to meet the new floor.  You can see that the supports go from 3 boards to a thin board and piece of cardboard.

Plus, it’s not a straight, albeit slanted, line from point A to point B.  The under-floor undulates, forcing him to measure and support at intervals along the beams.

Fortunately, he’s save a few scraps and bits to use for this endeavor.

After a week he’s about a third done.  Once he gets all the main boards level, he can fill in, do the insulation, and then, and only then, start to lay the wood floor.

See?  Easy!

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6 thoughts on “Grilled Chicken Kebab Salad”

  1. Katie – that is a lovely kebab and salad – delicious looking! I did not realize what was involved in laying a floor – that looks like a daunting task!

  2. Pam, it really worked well with the salad – we like to eat lighter in summer and that was perfect!
    Ina, in a house this old there has been a lot of ‘settling’ LOL
    Zoomie, the skewers are the reward ;-))
    Brassfrog, yes, he does….. And he gets to take lots of breaks LOL
    Jenn and Seth – thanks. The peanut vinaigrette really added to it.

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