Grilled Chicken, Pepper and Avocado Salad — 10 Comments

  1. Figuring out when to have “play time” is a tough one and the bane of my existence. I would be out in the wilds with my camera for my play time. Something that never, and I do mean never, happens. What is it with us people – is it only American types? – that we can’t just play?
    Love the salad! My mother used to make “French” dressing like that.

  2. Avocado and anything is a meal to me! and it is so dang hot here right now, salads are about all I can muster up. In January we will all be lamenting the fact that there is no garden to pick greens from…but until then…bring it on!

  3. Oh my dear dear Katie, recently I got rid of a box of 6 glue sticks. I was trying to use one for something and everyone I opened was dried up and worthless … Is there a pack-rat heaven?
    Bring on the salads, I’m good with that at over 90° everyday now.

  4. Taking time to do fun things is something I have little trouble with – it’s finding time to do chores that is difficult for me. I’m a fine procrastinator when it comes to doing what I “should.”
    Maybe if you think of it as a job rather than a pleasure – as in, “I must paint two pictures today to sell at a local gallery to make money so I can plant more veggies!” – maybe then you can fool yourself into thinking it’s “progress.” 🙂

  5. Christine, I think it is Americans. Europeans seem much more relaxed about life. It’s not rubbing off on me. Probably goes back to the Puritans LOL
    Cindy, we love avocados, too – just which we could find them ripe instead of always having to wait… Hard to plan!
    Tanna, LOL… I didn’t even open the glue sticks, just tucked them away. Pack-rat heaven – yup! We’re still struggling to get to summer – a day here and there gives us hope LOL
    Zoomie, that’s a thought – I’m easily influenced by me ;-))

  6. I really don’t think you need to apologize for posting another salad. Especially this one. It looks wonderful and just the thing for a 30C evening.
    No glue sticks here. For me, it’s crayons. I have several boxes of crayons – wax, pencil, watercolour pencil, oilpastel, chalk (all unused for ages). And a ridiculous amount of interesting looking greeting cards and drawing paper.
    We recently got some inexpensive solar lights (when I say “inexpensive”, I’m not kidding; we got them at the dollar store) that really neeeeeeded frosted shades. At last!! I could justify my stash of interesting greeting cards and paper! There was exactly the right stiff opaque paper that fit perfectly inside the shades so our lanterns don’t glare.

  7. ellenbcookery, thanks, glad you’re enjoying them – we’re eating them at least once a day LOL
    Elizbeth, I have my share of those in the cabinet as well….. Some not even opened! sad….
    Val, I think we have too much – about a million times more than we can eat. But one can never have too many salads 😉
    kait – thanks – we like it 😉