Grilled Cod with Caper, Green Olive Tarter Sauce — 8 Comments

  1. I wish we could find cod that thick. Then again, we live in the desert. It’s a lucky day to have any tasty fish.
    Remember when the Save The Trees campaign had us all going to plastic? There was a transition period. I was young and confused by choice. There’s a transition again in this desert burg. I’m still confused.
    We use plastic bags in the same way you do; as such, we have a lot of them saved up. So you could get a “care package” from us if you like…

  2. France is way ahead of us – our supermarkets till give us plastic bags though we are encouraged to take our own. No one raises an eyebrow though if you have a trolley filled with groceries in plastic bags. I try to take my bags but don’t always remember but am happy to have the plastic ones on occasion for the garbage etc.

  3. What a great piece of fish~very hearty! I love the way you can go to the fish markets in town and get your fresh fish . I so enjoyed my fish market days in France with my friend…….
    I am very happy to take my own bags to the store these days. However, remembering to take them with me when I go is my biggest problem.
    I used to use the plastic bags when I took my dog on walks and picked up after her~never had enough! Now, I do not want them…….my dog isn’t with us any longer.

  4. Tanna, you’re right, a cup of tea is always just the thing!
    Zoomie, except the zucchini… one doesn’t endear oneself to the neighbors with zucchini LOL
    Jenn and Seth, thanks – it was
    Dan, I do remember the Save the Trees…. what a trade off, that was! Thanks – but I’m learning to do without. I do miss paper bags though. Never see them here.
    manningroad, Andorra still uses them, too. I’ll get enough to last for years on my next shopping trip there LOL
    Cindy, I dearly love tarter sauce…. and I also hate the stuff in jars. Don’t know what they put in it.
    Jann, I wish I knew more about the fish available here. There’s such a variety and I’m just learning what to do with them.

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