Grilled Cod with Caper, Green Olive Tarter Sauce — 8 Comments

  1. Like you, I enjoy taking a little something over to my neighbors – it’s a good excuse to stop and chat a while.

  2. I wish we could find cod that thick. Then again, we live in the desert. It’s a lucky day to have any tasty fish.
    Remember when the Save The Trees campaign had us all going to plastic? There was a transition period. I was young and confused by choice. There’s a transition again in this desert burg. I’m still confused.
    We use plastic bags in the same way you do; as such, we have a lot of them saved up. So you could get a “care package” from us if you like…

  3. France is way ahead of us – our supermarkets till give us plastic bags though we are encouraged to take our own. No one raises an eyebrow though if you have a trolley filled with groceries in plastic bags. I try to take my bags but don’t always remember but am happy to have the plastic ones on occasion for the garbage etc.

  4. The fish looks so good…but the tartar sauce looks even better! I hate the tartar sauce from the jar….eew. The capers/green olives would make a world of difference. YUM….

  5. What a great piece of fish~very hearty! I love the way you can go to the fish markets in town and get your fresh fish . I so enjoyed my fish market days in France with my friend…….
    I am very happy to take my own bags to the store these days. However, remembering to take them with me when I go is my biggest problem.
    I used to use the plastic bags when I took my dog on walks and picked up after her~never had enough! Now, I do not want them…….my dog isn’t with us any longer.

  6. Tanna, you’re right, a cup of tea is always just the thing!
    Zoomie, except the zucchini… one doesn’t endear oneself to the neighbors with zucchini LOL
    Jenn and Seth, thanks – it was
    Dan, I do remember the Save the Trees…. what a trade off, that was! Thanks – but I’m learning to do without. I do miss paper bags though. Never see them here.
    manningroad, Andorra still uses them, too. I’ll get enough to last for years on my next shopping trip there LOL
    Cindy, I dearly love tarter sauce…. and I also hate the stuff in jars. Don’t know what they put in it.
    Jann, I wish I knew more about the fish available here. There’s such a variety and I’m just learning what to do with them.