Moroccan Vegetable Salads — 6 Comments

  1. Both salads look very nice. I make red beet salad often, but not carrots, for no particular reason. I should change that, especially now that carrots are plentiful at the farmers’ market

  2. I’m sure the tagine was excellent and an excellent solution to the meat issue. But I’d say the salads are brilliant. Still, I would have had to add mint to the beets … maybe even the carrot … but I should try them without too.

  3. Katie – sounds great! I would do the same thing – braised meat is the only way to go in a case like this – very tasty!

  4. Simona, I’ve always liked beets, but for some reason, have gotten away from them…. I’m starting again LOL
    Tanna, you inspired me – I bought a mint plant for the garden today!
    manningroad, it was good – and the leftovers were better LOL
    Val, they’ll both be repeated….
    Ina, it was, just hard to get in the mood in the summer – but it was cool and rainy LOL