Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Chives — 6 Comments

  1. Pumping Iron you are, that’s rocking. You’ll show those puppies/dogs 😉 and then just like this morning, just when you least expect it and you’re all relaxed …

  2. This sounds really good. And just chives makes sense here. They’re so delicately flavoured, they could get lost.
    Well, we’re supposed to do weight training, aren’t we? Yes, that’s it. It’s good for us….
    I guess you didn’t get as far as the plum trees to find out how they’re doing? (I hear plums, and my immediate thought is pie. Clafoutis is (are???) very good but it’s not pie, is it?)

  3. I know this feeling so well! Cora was apt to dash after creatures, too, when we first got her (and she’s not perfect even yet!), pulling my arms almost out of their sockets! One can’t really blame them, they are doing what comes naturally, but OUCH!
    Love the sound of your stuffed tenderloin! Will try as I have one in the freezer.

  4. You’ve got to write a book about the dogs, Katie! Your writing cracks me up! Woo hoo! You’re pumping iron. Your adorables will wonder what happened, when you reign them in. The tenderloin sounds delicious—the more chives the better!!! This is a must try with that good sounding basting sauce. Sorry about your ass and I hope you’re feeling better, mon aime!

  5. Tanna, You are too right. They lull me into relaxing and then they’re off!
    Ina, I doubt I’ll ever be strong enough to hold against running bunnies LOL
    Elizabeth, clafoutis is easier (for me…. I don’t do pie LOL) The plums weren’t ready – they’re tiny Mirabelles, only very slightly larger than a cherry – but much more tedious to stone.
    Zoomie, I’m just glad they weren’t behind me, as they so often are. I’ve got to be more careful.
    Pam, Problem is they want to help – heads follow the weights, up and down, up and down….