Potato and Onion Packets with Gruyère — 13 Comments

  1. Like you, I drink tap water. We are lucky in the US to have some of the best tap water in the world – why would we buy bottled water? Well, we do keep a flat or two of bottled water in case of earthquake if the water lines break, but that’s all.

  2. Those potatoes look fabulous! I can’t wait until cheese is put back into my diet. Happily, it will still be barbecue season. In fact, I want to have these potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    It’s tap water for me too… although, I confess that I do have a weakness for Badoit when I’m in France. I love the taste of it. On the other hand, all those plastic bottles are horrible. Perhaps, next time we go to France, we’ll just make a special trip to Saint-Galmier and fill our cups while we’re there.

  3. Katie – thanks for the reminder. I used to make this recipe years ago, and have long forgotten about it. So delicious – as soon as we get some warmer weather, the BBQ will be happening!

  4. Potatoes and gruyere were meant for each other. That’s just a fact! Love this.

  5. Zoomie, we actually have a well in the front garden – with water in it! no pump, though. We really should check it out.
    Pam, you really need the onions and cheese!
    Elizabeth, why are you being punished?!?!? Our tap water is good, too. I think it is in most of Europe. I find the Badoit a bit salty…. Like Vichy water from Spain (pronounced ‘bitchy’)
    Ina, glad to be of help…. Sometimes these things just slip away….
    Tanna, really – I recall doing similar things myself – when I was young and foolish (or not)
    joanne, they do – in winter in the oven, and these in summer!

  6. I’ve made these before with cheddar cheese and bacon – never with Gruyere. MMMM Perhaps with some springs of thyme . . .

  7. I know! It’s cruel and unusual, isn’t it? If only it were something I didn’t care about – like jelly beans, or blanc mange. But cheese!! Melted cheese!! Oh the agony of it all….
    (Giant gall stones are the reason… only 4 more weeks before I’m released from this butterless, cheeseless jail.)

  8. JDeQ – bacon? Okay, since you tried mine, I’ll try yours (with bacon)
    Elizabeth, ouch!!! 4 weeks?!?!? I could live without butter (as long as I could have olive oil) but cheese? I suppose you can’t have yogurt, either. What would I eat?

  9. With bacon too!!! Waaahhhhhhh!! I WANT these potatoes with bacon too.
    Luckily, I can have yoghurt (not a lot, but some) and goat cheese (not a lot, but a little) and olive oil (not a lot, but a little). And now that I have survived several weeks without butter and cheese, it’s not as bad as it was at first. And if it weren’t asparagus season (ie: Hollandaise sauce season), going without butter would be completely manageable. But no cheese and no bacon is really really difficult, especially when I see dishes like “potato and onion packets with gruyere”.
    However, the idea of throwing caution to the winds and eating cheese and/or bacon is just too hair-raising. (I’ve never been on a diet in my life – it turns out that one DOES lose weight when on a low-fat diet…).

  10. Elizabeth, one loses weight whenever calorie intake is curtailed – and that is inevitable when cheese and yogurt are seriously curtailed LOL. Poor you. Hope you’re better by Caprese Salad season!