Tuna and Radish Salad — 9 Comments

  1. lol!!! Bad grammar irritates me—bring, take; scratch, itch, its versus it’s, I could care less instead of I couldn’t care less, dude, whatever—on and on! And “anywhoo” drives me over the edge. And, you’re right on about rights! Your radish and tuna salad sounds delicious! My brother eats radish sandwiches; sliced radishes on buttered bread. Whatever…

  2. Sounds nice. I tire of serving radishes with butter and salt, à la française, but don’t quite know what else to do with them.

  3. I have a right to know how it is that Judge Judy is still on the air AND how on earth she is being broadcast overseas. It’s bad enough that she inflicts her presence in Canada. (How do I know? MON marie is fascinated with her – or rather, with the people who are brought in front of her. His favourite phrases are “I had went” and “my kids’s room”.)
    Did you remember to have radish green omelettes? I hope so. I hope so!

  4. Pam, and borrow, loan… and irregardless…. Ah yes, irritants all. The French eat butter and radishes for breakfast.
    manningroad, the hubs watches her every day while he has lunch.
    Tanna, and you have every right to have it right now!!!!
    Zoomie, yes, we get all that sort of TV – Jerry Springer (which, thankfully, the hubs refuses to watch) and Judge Judy which he loves – kind of like an accident…. can’t not watch.
    Betty, I slice them and add to salads lots… You can roast them like a vegetable, too.
    Elizabeth, it must be a guy thing…. Mine is really fascinated by the people. too – I often hear “You have to see this one!”

  5. Love radishes.
    Colby cheese??? What is the equivalent in France. The best Colby is from ‘sonsin.

  6. Lynda,actually it was Mimolette – but most of my readers wouldn’t recognize that LOL. It does taste a bit like Colby – which I love!