Nude Blondes basking in the sun, and Veal Chops with Herbs, Lemon and Garlic — 10 Comments

  1. The veal looks picture-perfect. More and more – veal is indeed butchered older – maybe the backlash from the public? Growing up with Italian food, veal and lamb were a mainstay. (And not as expensive). My garden looks paltry next to yours – what fun you will have!

  2. Dogs can be such Houdini’s !! I can leave the front door wide open and Ginny will not go out – it took intensive training though !

  3. Dogs! What we do for them. We have chosen to have people house sit and dog sit for us while we are in France just so our sweet Daisy doesn’t have to suffer separation problems.

  4. Claudia, I agree about the older veal – and we love lamb. Garden is starting to produce food – love it!
    Veronica, thanks – we like it better than beef
    Pam, yes, she is… I have to watch them constantly LOL
    Marina, thaks ;-))
    Ina, lucky or us veal and lamb are plentiful and reasonable here
    manningroad, bunnies pre-empt any training
    Tanna,that would take all the fun out of life.
    Penny, we always had house sitters for our dogs in US, too…. Same reason. We have a really good kennel here.

  5. I remember last spring, when I put in my new veg garden, that the bunnies would tear it up even with the lattes fence. But then something funny happened, all the bunnies where gone. it took me about a month to figure it out and I was happy when I did. I had a great hawk that would hunt from the pine at the corner of the property…he is still doing a great job keeping my garden in one piece