Ham, Egg and Spinach Salad — 6 Comments

  1. My Cora chases cats that will run. If they stop and face her, she skids to a halt. I wish they would all stop and teach her a much needed lesson, but I can’t blame them for running from 55 pounds of eager dog.

  2. manningroad, I doubt it would stop mine, either. They’re just too curious!
    Zoomie, that’s it – if they run, the dogs chase. At least I have stopped them from chasing the bunnies when they’re on the leash…. I hope. The cats all jumped up the walls and got away. LOL

  3. Ah, that photo through the windshield reminds me of the Dordogne, heading to LaRoque-Gageac.
    I think I have an idea now for all that ham in the freezer…

  4. Mimi, it is a pretty drive – as are most of them in this area….
    Christine, come visit 😉