Bonnie and Guapa on summer vacation — 7 Comments

  1. This is a wonderful post, Katie. I love seeing all the dogs and the terrain where you are now. Is it the Via de Campostela that runs near the village? Eagerly awaiting the next post!

  2. I thought your girls were pretty big dogs until I saw the rest of the family! So, are yours about the size of German shepherds? I was thinking of them more as the size of Saint Bernards or Great Pyrs. Loved this post – what an amazing place to live!

  3. Christine, thanks…. they had fun. No, that path is further north a bit.
    Jann, one has to be a dog lover to visit this village LOL
    Tanna, I really wish I would have had my camera – but it was dark so it probably wouldn’t have turned out (she says now)
    Val, I think she was really avoiding Ghenghis ;-))
    Zoomie, Ghenghis is really big…. I think he’s the biggest one of all the family, going back 5 generations. Mine are bigger than a Shepherd, about the size of a female Great Pyrenees. They are as big as their grandmother and almost as big as their mother…. They can still grow a bit, until 18 months or so. Their Daddy is of the same line, descended from the original litter, 4 generations ago – so a first cousin 4 times removed? Something like that. They had great, great grandparents in common. His name was Attila.