Grilled Cod with Horseradish Mustard Sauce — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Katie
    It is fold here. Capsicums are $4 a piece
    But the cabbage and Brussel sprouts are wonderful
    Plus all the pumpkins are colorful and loving soups

  2. We almost never have salmon – but we grilled some last night with dill and yoghurt/mayonnaise. Instead of getting salmon steaks, we got salmon back and was it ever wonderful to have no bones!
    Your cod looks wonderful! I love the idea of making a sauce with horseradish. I’ll have to look for fresh horseradish at the market (our garden horseradish kicked the bucket – not enough sun).

  3. Gilli, $4 for a pepper?!? Ouch!
    Tanna, I like most fish… and am just happy that I can convince the hubs to eat cod once in awhile instead of salmon LOL
    Zoomie, thanks 😉
    Ina, sometimes it happens.
    manningroad, he uses the wood from an apple tree he cut down…
    Elizabeth, we never get the steaks, always the backs or filets… no bones. Love horseradish…