Grilled Sirloin with Madeira Sauce; Puppy holiday — 13 Comments

  1. Send happy birthday wishes from us. Wishing you a totally fun visit.

  2. Truly cannot wait for the stories on your return. What a perfect backdrop for doggie mischief. Human mischief notwithstanding. Have fun!

  3. Pam, our friend in Spain sings it often….. That’s what brought all to mind LOL
    Phoenicia, I will do that – should be a zoo! The party is Sunday.
    Zoomie, I have the camera packed – and the dog treats!
    Tanna, I’m going to be afraid to take them for walks – 6 dogs that size could knock me off the mountain very easily.
    Val, I hope so – and plan to!
    Ina, it will be most interesting…. gotta brush up on my Spanish!
    Christine, oh, I think there will be plenty of both LOL

  4. A bit of an earworm?! Even with constantly plugging my ears and saying lalalalalalala as I read, I’ve contracted the audio virus.
    But. I’d love to have some Madeira Sauce. What could be finer?
    (Oh oh, I just replaced the virus with another virus that has nothing to do with Madeira and everything to do with Caroliner in the mor-rrr-ning)

  5. Elizabeth, I hate ear worms…. Love Madeira Sauce.
    Tiffany, and it’s so easy!
    Jenn and Seth, thanks!
    ellenbcookery, that’s why we live here!