It’s a holiday! — 4 Comments

  1. Ho that last picture does speak to your weekend’s potential. Your two + all those = the party on steroids!
    Still find a minute to relax when they do … they must lie down some …

  2. Any puppies to tempt you this time? Have a great holiday and I hope you _are_ able to relax and refresh – you could both use a rest! The puppies, of course, don’t need resting at all. Is this their first big car trip? Best of luck.

  3. Tanna, we only take old clothes that are sturdy enough to stand up to dogs! And then just except it’s going to be a doggy visit…
    Zoomie, no more puppies…. He’s not doing any more breeding. This was the first big trip. They sat up the entire time!
    Pet food – we all had fun