Mirabelle Clafoutis — 11 Comments

  1. Would kill for all those plums. Do you freeze or dry the rest? What a treat.

  2. Those plums look so cute! What an exciting find. I adore clafoutis, but really look forward to seeing how else you use these stone fruitSa

  3. Mirabelle, sunset, wine lunch … who needs excuses when you have such callings as those
    Clafoutis, YES, it is easy and it looks so grand. More of life should be like that shouldn’t it. Actually yours looks really spectacular! and the trees and the sunset!
    Wish you could see the sunsets from my roof deck.

  4. lucky you! and i would feel the same about not letting them go to waste! brillant dish.

  5. Katie – those plums are gorgeous! How lucky! Your clafoutis looks yummy too. What about Plum Wine? I think they would freeze well too.

  6. I adore clafoutis! Have never had one with plums. What a sweet find, your plum trees. Would love to see a plum jam post here. Right now though I’m waiting to hear about the wine lunch!

  7. I am suitably envious. Those mirabelles look gorgeous.
    Mirabelle clafoutis sounds good but I can’t stop thinking about mmmmmm… mirabelle pie….

  8. Phoenicia, I don’t have a dryer… and no room in the freezer (all reserved for courgette and tomatoes)… I made a bit of jam. And lots of clafoutis!
    Samantha, now the dogs have discovered them… and the birds. We have competitions!
    ellen, I’m so glad we cleaned out the woods LOL
    Tanna, I wish I could see your sunsets, too. Are they free of mosquitoes? Mine are LOL
    Kirsten, we’re eating as fast as we can….
    manningroad, it went pretty fast with the cherry pitter – one advantage of the small size. But I need a lot…
    Gilli, thanks – on both!
    Ina, plum wine…. Hmmmm…..
    Christine, I’ve only made them with plums…. and peaches…..
    Elizabeth, I don’t do pie crust….. my mother was the expert pie maker!