Sausage, Quinoa and Cannellini Salad, the festival

We had a good run of lettuce this season.  I still have a row of romaine left…. Maybe for another few days.

All the cool rainy weather was good for the lettuce.

Now it’s sunny and hot…. Bad for the lettuce but good for the tomatoes, green beans and sweet corn.

The early summer garden is transitioning to the late summer garden.

I can’t wait.

In the meantime – one more salad.

The recipe, Sausage, Quinoa and Cannellini Salad, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Sausage & Quinoa Salad.

The fête we went to on Sunday was at a local winery.

This is serious wine country here, but most are small, family vineyards that make good quality, everyday wine for everyday prices.

A lot of them have summer fêtes, ranging from simple (like this one) to elaborate, with large, fancy dinners and art fairs among the vines.

Under the tents were local artisans offering samples of their wares: bread, wine, confitures and cheeses, as well as the cooks making the main item: lunch.

First, one gets the starter – either at the salad tent or the esacargot tent, then find a spot at the tables in the barn.

For the main course, one goes to the barbecue grill to get the steak, then the frites tent to get a heaping helping of fries.

We had entertainment while we ate – both the paid accordion player and anyone who felt like having a turn at the mike… Like the gentleman in the white cap.

Of course there was wine for sale…. Lots of wine for sale.

After the main course, it’s back out to the tents for dessert…. freshly made tarts or crêpes.

As the day grew warmer, the cows joined the party, looking for a bit of relief from the summer sun.

Or maybe they just liked the music.

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8 thoughts on “Sausage, Quinoa and Cannellini Salad, the festival”

  1. They liked the music.
    Gadfry that looks just so fun Katie!
    That is sure my kind of salad. I love to have bowls of the mixings – like the sausage – and then snapping together a great salad like this is nearly child’s play. 🙁 I’ve never had fresh lettuce from a garden.

  2. It must’ve all been great. Don’t think I’ve been to an event where the cows participated, other than being around them on the farm. What a blast! You people know how to party over there and I’d love to go back again!

  3. Funnily enough we have a French market here in my town in NZ and it looks just like your fete
    Nice idea for your salad Katie

  4. Tanna, and I never buy lettuce (or rarely) I buy spinach for salads sometimes in winter… The cows were a hoot!
    Ina, this was Sunday lunch…. and it was fun!
    Pam, for the most part, everyone is just very accepting of life in general. If it’s a farm, there are animals. There were chickens by the barbecue…
    Zoomie, the music was a lot of fun….
    manningroad, it was all very down-to-earth – my kind of day, too.
    Gilli, your market sounds fun!
    ellen, I love quinoa, too and need to do more with it.

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