Baby Zucchini Stuffed with Browned Onions; the green menace returns — 6 Comments

  1. yeah….that would be me that didn’t check the garden for a few days….ginormous zucchini now in the kitchen waiting for inspiration from moi. Since I have had to go gluten free for a season, this recipe looks very do-able. and from the looks of it, i will have plenty of zucchini to experiment with!

  2. Val….. pick them now!!!!
    Cindy, soup for the freezer for winter…..
    manningroad, it’s universal…. this plague…
    ellen, one could wrap almost anything in ham and I would love it!

  3. Nice post! I might have a go at this recipe – still not sure what to do with my available courgettes. Might have to substitute the yogurt, though!