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Stuffed Chard Leaves, the update — 9 Comments

  1. Your remodeling is coming along well. Where is the fund for knee pads to send money? He needs it! Swiss chard—I love it and never thought of stuffing it. My dad grew it in his gardens for years and I love it, cooked it steamed, now I’m hoping to find it in the farmers markets to try this… Hope your furry babes are doing well!

  2. The poor guy will need to have both knees replaced after all that! Or maybe Swiss chard is the builder of new cartilage, as well as being delish.

  3. I go to your “the update” posts the minute they hit my reader. I love the updates, stuffed chard leaves notwithstanding. Saving that one!

  4. Val, it’s a tough call…. I vote for the chard rolls
    Pam, I never had it growing up and have never steamed it… I usually stir-fry it. I got the idea for stuffing the leaves from stuffed grape leaves.
    Zoomie, he’s tough…. so far. And the knee pads are really cushy. Plus he had practice as an alter boy LOL
    Tanna, I’ll let him know
    manningroad, it came together well – thanks. I need to find one more bit now…
    Christine, thanks… glad to know you enjoy them ;-))

  5. I’ve always wanted to try stuff greens like this, looks fantastic! Good luck with the reno’s 🙂

  6. Abby, chard leaves are great for stuffing – they need careful handling because they’re thin – but that makes for nice packages… And thanks.