Salmon Kebabs; Stumped for a Birthday Present? Give a Fire Dancer — 10 Comments

  1. What a great dichotomy with the mayo! Yes, I remember the boiling soup thing!
    But now with the details of the fire dancer … it’s really hard to forgive the no pictures.

  2. I’m with him on the food safety issue – it’s all okay, as long as you will be boiling it for at least 10 minutes. But, I keep my mayo forever in the fridge. 🙂 I love the photo of Misty on guard!

  3. Tanna, I really wish I had been able to get pics…. no way I could get to the door to get the camera. Besides, I was too enthralled…. Rosemary stick would be perfect. My rosemary was destroyed by puppies. New rosemary not big enough yet….
    Zoomie, I was amazed at the mayo thing…. Although he once told me that more people in Spain die from bad mayo than car accidents… But that would be homemade mayo in summer. Misty is a gorgeous dog! And none of us got sick from the food LOL
    manningroad, they all like to get up on the wall like that. Mine were scared 😉
    Val, it was…. we all survived (close for poor Bonnie, though) LOL

  4. I’ve been enjoying your holiday posts. Wonder where I can find a fire dancer for our next party. Won’t happen. What a unique party.

  5. Peggy, they are great – can be made ahead to make life easier, too.
    Cate, Misty is a gorgeous dog.
    Penny, I think you have to date one…. LOL