Summer Braised Turkey with Chard, Tomatoes and Basil; the update — 12 Comments

  1. LOVE the hearth AND the turkey! When I’ve been please with something and then had it come looking like your chain saw turkey, that has been the end. You think maybe they hire a totally new person, give them no instruction and that is how it changes 😉

  2. The house looks great! Very tidy. Unlike my own.
    “Cut the turkey into reasonable pieces” may be the best cooking instruction I have read. And the colors of both dishes are delightful.
    I’m wishing for fall tonight…

  3. Good save on the turkey rolls! 🙂 And loving how your home is coming together…must be so gratifying. Love the tea cart!

  4. I don’t like “deconstructed” meals either – it sort of just conjures up for me a vision of just a mess on a plate – maybe I am just showing my age or my conservatism !!

  5. My husband, a building designer of merit, abhors deconstructed architecture; I feel much the same way about deconstructed food dishes. I would call this dish a delicious “save” in the face of non-complying ingredients. Good save!!
    I love that your house is getting to the finishing touches stage and am eagerly awaiting the “all done” photo montage. Can we all come stay with you?

  6. My husband, a designer of ships, says deconstructed architecture is narcissistic. He also said some other things.
    I love the phrase “non-complying” ingredients. I am enjoying this post and the comments, too!

  7. Tanna, who knows… I guess changes keep us on our toes… young and all that LOL
    Thanks Dan… We keep working at it.
    Pam, thanks… it just sort of accumulated…
    Mimi, thanks – I get tired of the detailed instructions = and trying to do it LOL. The rooms tidy because it’s new.
    Ina, thanks – we keep at it.
    Joey, thanks… We’ve had the tea-cart forever…. finally found a nice home for it.
    Meredith, thanks – welcome back to this side of the pond.
    manningroad, I agree, totally. It shows lack of imagination.
    Christine, thanks – love that ‘non-complying ingredients’ And yes, you’re invited… Sounds like fun!
    Mimi, isn’t that a great phrase? I think the term is just used to grab attention….

  8. Woah, first time to heard it, Chicken roll is common to me, but this one Turkey roll sounds like good.