Summer time and the baking is easy….. — 4 Comments

  1. That’s really interesting. Several of us complained in various ways but except for Elizabeth’s done in little cups, it’s really amazing how much alike the breads look this month.
    It really is nice to see them altogether.

  2. Like Tanna, I really appreciate seeing all the breads together. And I can’t believe how great everyone’s bread looks (except mine… Pam, you are kind to say that about the little cups bread). But I suspect that if I had taken a picture of the little cups bread cut in half or sliced, it may well have looked quite similar to the others. It did look like bread inside. (This photo shows the inner crumb

  3. Tanna, they all look delicious (almost LOL)
    Pam, I thought they were cute!
    Elizabeth, of course it was bread inside…. 😉