Veal Chops with Herbs, Lemon and Garlic — 9 Comments

  1. Yummy recipe, definitely — but the dogs and their bones story is hilarious. We used to give our old departed Jones Milkbones but had to do so inside, otherwise, she’d bury them in my flowerbeds. Truly an interesting thing to watch!

  2. My Cora does the exact same thing – and reacts just the same if she knows I have seen her hiding place. She gives me a disgusted look, as if to say, “Sheesh, I just found the perfect hiding place and now I have to start all over again!”

  3. I love to learn about culture, cuisines and stuff about people and places. Now, I wouldn’t be too ignorant about France anymore, thanks to my reading your blogs. Your recipe looks delicious. My husband would love to have this anytime.
    And your dogs…are all of those yours? I hope i can have as many. I have 3 big dogs (St. Bernard, Labrador, and a golden ret)they can be a handful. =)
    Thanks again for the recipe.
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  4. I always know when my dog Skip has buried a bone or other treasure: he has dirt on his nose and a pleading look in his eye as if to say, please don’t find it, please! Great story today. Never can find veal chops here. What’s with California?

  5. More and more, we find that we’re preferring a grilled pork chop to a grilled beef steak. It’s far less likely to be tough.
    Your herbs, lemon and garlic treatment sounds wonderful. I don’t remember even seeing veal chops for sale here – they must sell them – but I bet this would be just as great with any kind of chops.
    Poor Bonnie!

  6. Bonnie is like the neighborhood thief worried about what the police detective has seen. Even if she got the bone as a present. Hilarious!
    And on the veal, it’s just not as satisfying here; I’ve given up buying it. It’s about as tough as your thick French beef. I think the Belgians must have cut beef the same way; there was a grocery store in Brussels called Rob that sold US cuts of the same beef — very expensive but extremely tasty.

  7. We tried grilling a thick cut of beef the last time we rented in The Lot in 2008 – it was tasteless, although fun to cook outdoors on a warm September weekend. And yes, it was tough too. We had much better luck with chicken and char, thankfully.

  8. kellypea, they are so entertaining. In winter Bonnie just paces in the house…
    Zoomie, Guapa doesn’t bother… she just happily chews away and ignores the world. Sedi always buried treats, too.
    yumgoggle, I’ll have a look…
    manningroad, well, they do look awfully tempting. And Guapa seems to love them….
    Elizabeth, we get really good pork here, and that is usually our choice as well. But, sometimes for a treat we opt for the veal.
    Dan, Bonnie’s a hoot! Our beef is good – for winter cooking.
    Mimi, I guess when one sees the steaks all cut 1/3rd of an inch thick… we ought to believe that is the way to have them LOL