Grilled Shallots and Onions with Shrimp; the Glorious Twelfth — 9 Comments

  1. 😉 Happy Birthday! No I don’t think that’s arrogant, I do think it’s great that friends have something to remind them of a birthday! Nicer still that it’s your own.

  2. Happy Birthday, Katie! The Glorious Twelfth and grouse hunting sound so utterly British. It’s amazing just how many we’ve seen in the Lot area – Brits not grouse – oh, dear the thought is filling me the urge to travel again…
    Anyway, hope you had a great day!

  3. I would much prefer to celebrate in glorious style your birthday – I am sure the grouse would agree with me !! Hope the day was filled with glory !!

  4. Happy birthday, yesterday, Katie! I trust it was glorious. I LOVE that photo of you with the giant birthday cake.
    I’m absolutely reeling that you can only get cooked shrimp! That’s craziness. Can’t you make friends with some of the chefs in town and ask them to sneak out a few uncooked shrimps for you so you can cook them? There must be something you could bribe them with….

  5. Tanna, I still hear from the Scots on my B-day LOL
    Mimi, thanks – and I always have the urge to travel!
    Thanks Jubilada…. And of course you can ask ;-))
    Thanks, Dan!
    Zoomie, I’ll tell him you said that….
    Meredith, it was a nice day, thanks!
    manningroad, thanks – no grouse…
    Elizabeth, Thank you. Ah, yes, our family birthday cakes…. every child, every year. It is really bizarre. I’ve seen frozen, raw shrimp once or twice, but really expensive… and whole, heads and shells…